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Spectacular Golf along the Banks of Lake Travis

Lago Vista Golf Course is an 18 Hole, Par 72 Championship Golf Course serving up just over 6500 yards of fun and challenging play. The course originally opened as a 9 hole facility in 1971 to help promote lot sales in the young, unincorporated neighborhoods that make up the city of Lago Vista today. Shortly thereafter, under the guidance of course architect Leon Howard, the layout was renovated and expanded to 18 holes, and operated as a private country club until the mid 1990s. Today, all golfers are welcome to enjoy the undulating fairways, epic lake views, and abundant wildlife along the banks of the Colorado River and Northern shores of Lake Travis.

The course today is owned and operated by the City of Lago Vista. This partnership offers some of the best greens fee pricing in Texas! The club has active local Men’s and Women’s Golf Associations, and is only 30 minutes Northwest of Downtown Austin. Featuring 4 sets of tees to provide golfers of all skill levels a fun challenge, an excellent practice facility, and spectacular views of Lake Travis, Lago Vista is a 'hidden gem' for visiting golfers looking for a great round of golf.

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Course Overview

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  • Hole #1 - Par 4


    The round begins with a dogleg left par 4 with a generous fairway. The woods however eat plenty of stray golf balls. Two bunkers guard the front of the green, with the left bunker being a false front. Miss the approach long and expect a deceptively tricky downhill putt.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 330 15
    Blue 319 15
    White 263 15
    Red 263 11
  • Hole #2 - Par 5


    A dogleg right par 5. A long hitter may try to cut the dogleg in an attempt to make the green in 2. However, the fairway drops down about 20 feet about halfway to the green, so long drives may find a sharp downhill lie. An elevated green lies guarded by creeks and trees. The near right side of the green is a risky shot but it allows for a much easier putt.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 562 3
    Blue 510 3
    White 476 3
    Red 468 1
  • Hole #3 - Par 3


    This par 3 cuts across a shallow ravine to a green sloping sharply right to left and guarded by two bunkers. A ball hit hard left will not likely be retrieved.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 192 7
    Blue 172 7
    White 135 7
    Red 102 17
  • Hole #4 - Par 4


    The fourth hole is a straightforward par 4. The fairway and green are wide and relatively flat. Two large bunkers await errant shots, and the one on the right is a false front. Make your best score on this and the next hole.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 384 17
    Blue 332 17
    White 322 17
    Red 283 13
  • Hole #5 - Par 4


    Hole 5 offers a straight tee shot just like the previous hole, although it starts uphill and is slightly blind. Tee shots missed right will often kick back left. There are no bunkers on this hole, and missing the green right leaves a much better chance of getting up and down for par.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 364 5
    Blue 363 5
    White 345 5
    Red 259 7
  • Hole #6 - Par 3


    A mid-length par 3 with trees on both sides ready to snare errant shots. If playing from the blue or gold tees and there is no wind, use one less club than usual. The green slopes hard right to left, so take a few extra seconds reading it.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 195 3
    Blue 169 3
    White 131 3
    Red 121 15
  • Hole #7 - Par 4


    A dogleg left par 4 that starts atop a valley that bottoms out at the beginning of the fairway. Shorter hitters should place their tee shot near the right side of the fairway. On the right, a rocky hillside and a fairway bunker help keep balls from going OB. The left fairway bunker is more difficult from which to recover. The green generally slopes right to left but can still be a very tricky read.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 353 9
    Blue 340 9
    White 326 9
    Red 274 5
  • Hole #8 - Par 5


    A large oak tree dominates the right side rough before the dogleg on this par 5, and is best avoided. The fairway slopes uphill as it reaches the dogleg, and the second shot is blind. Play a mid iron on the second shot over the hill to set up a good approach. Aim for the front center of the green. Par is a good score here.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 533 1
    Blue 524 1
    White 495 1
    Red 465 3
  • Hole #9 - Par 4


    This short dogleg right par 4 slopes downhill in terraces halfway down the fairway. If playing conservatively, hit a hybrid or fairway wood between the right side trees. Or, try aiming just to the right of the large tree left of the green, and bomb it for an eagle chance. Take care and use a good amount of loft on the approach – while the green is sloped back to front, a bladed shot can easily roll off the green down the steep hillside. Enjoy the view!

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 376 11
    Blue 350 11
    White 336 11
    Red 297 9
  • Hole #10 - Par 5


    The back nine begins with a narrow par 5 with a short dogleg to the right. The fairway slopes left to right and large trees and a stream accompany the right side. Place the tee shot on the left side of the fairway and it will likely roll to the center. The stream starts out of bounds, then becomes casual water as it winds through the rough, and runs back OB behind the green. Three bunkers guard the green well.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 502 10
    Blue 485 10
    White 467 10
    Red 400 10
  • Hole #11 - Par 4


    Large trees and a concrete ditch running across the fairway can make navigating this par 4 a challenge. The elevated green slopes very quickly from back to front, so going short here is not entirely a bad thing.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 380 2
    Blue 367 2
    White 354 2
    Red 341 8
  • Hole #12 - Par 3


    A straight par 3 guarded by two bunkers. This hole generally slopes right to left and slightly uphill. Three large boulders line the fairway on the left side. Clubbing up on the tee shot is often a wise decision.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 196 6
    Blue 185 6
    White 174 6
    Red 163 12
  • Hole #13 - Par 4


    This dogleg left par 4 begins with a blind uphill tee shot. Two groups of trees line the top of the hill. Aim for the trees on the left side next to the cart path. The trees in the middle of the fairway mark the dogleg, and a tee shot aimed here can send a ball into some rough terrain. Place the approach shot on the left side of the green for a good chance at birdie.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 372 14
    Blue 358 14
    White 344 14
    Red 330 6
  • Hole #14 - Par 4


    This par 4 is short but no less demanding. The tee shot carries across a pond onto a small fairway with plenty of trees and a well placed bunker. Large trees and two more bunkers guard the green well.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 294 18
    Blue 279 18
    White 270 18
    Red 243 16
  • Hole #15 - Par 5


    The tee shot crosses a wide valley on this mostly uphill par 5. Place the tee shot in the fairway at all costs, as landing in the trees below will make things much more difficult for the rest of the hole. Play the left side of the fairway and the green to avoid long difficult shots out of the right side rough. The green is large and flat, but getting there in 3 can be a challenge.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 535 8
    Blue 505 8
    White 470 8
    Red 394 2
  • Hole #16 - Par 4


    The wind is a major factor on this downhill par 4. Take out a 3 wood or hybrid and hit the tee shot low. The right side of the fairway offers the best approach but the rough here can be troublesome. Avoid going long.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 367 16
    Blue 339 16
    White 337 16
    Red 325 14
  • Hole #17 - Par 4


    The elevated tee and wide fairway on this final par 4 offer one more chance to “grip it and rip it”. The fairway crosses a shallow valley and slopes left to right. Aiming between the bunkers on this back to front sloping green is a safe bet. Just like the previous hole, avoid going long.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 408 4
    Blue 394 4
    White 380 4
    Red 366 4
  • Hole #18 - Par 3


    The final hole is a par 3 playing over a stream and a residential street. Trees on the right side keep tee shots from flying into the practice range, and the elevated green sits guarded by two large bunkers.

    Tee Yardage Handicap
    Gold 201 12
    Blue 182 12
    White 163 12
    Red 93 18




Lago Vista Golf Course
4616 Rimrock Drive
Lago Vista, TX 78645