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Golf Course Operating Procedures

Lago Vista Golf Course Rules and Regulations

  1. Players will practice common courtesy and always observe ALL rules of etiquette.

Staff has the right to refuse golf privileges or remove an individual for any of the following reasons:

  1. Submitting false information for the purpose of securing golf privileges.
  2. Playing without paying to play or failing to register at the Pro Shop.
  3. Obvious inability to play and failure to maintain pace of play.
  4. Intoxication, disorderly conduct, use of abusive language, or other behavior detrimental to the orderly operation of the golf course.
  1. General
  1. ALL players must register at the Pro Shop prior to play.
  2. All play must start on hole #1 unless specifically authorized by the Pro Shop at check in. Cutting in or jumping on for a few holes is strictly prohibited.
  3. Each player must have their own set of clubs. Rental clubs are available if necessary. Prior reservation for clubs is suggested.
  4. There will be a maximum of 4 players in each group. Fivesomes are not permitted without Pro Shop approval.
  5. Proper golf attire is required on the golf course and practice facilities. Clothing NOT allowed are bathing suits, tank tops, or cut off shorts.
  6. We are a soft spike facility. Metal spikes or athletic shoes with rubber spikes or cleats are prohibited.
  7. All range balls must be purchased at the Pro shop and must be hit from the designated area. Players may not pick up balls from the range for a re-hit. Use of range balls on the golf course is strictly prohibited.
  8. All players must stay out of residential property in and around the golf course.
  9. Players must repair all divots, ball marks on greens and rake traps.
  10. No outside coolers are permitted. All beverages must be purchased at the clubhouse.
  1. Maintain Pace of Play
  1. Proper pace of play is 2 hours for a foursome for 9 holes, and 4 hours for 18 holes.
  2. Play ready golf. Each group is responsible for maintaining the proper interval between yours and the group ahead of you.
  3. If your pace is slow and you are falling behind, you must step aside and let faster players through as soon as it is convenient. If you are unable to do so, you will be asked to pick up and skip the hole.
  4. Players continuing to cause slow play may be asked to discontinue their round.
  5. During heavy play, the Pro Shop may combine twosomes and singles to achieve maximum play.
  6. Singles or twosomes playing behind threesomes or foursomes must maintain their position on the course unless specifically invited to play thru.
  7. There is a 3-minute limit on finding a lost ball.
  1. Cart Rules
  1. You must present a valid driver’s license to rent a golf cart. Persons under the age of 16 shall not be permitted to operate a golf cart.
  2. Operators of the golf cart will accept and be solely responsible for the operation of the golf cart.
  3. The operator of the golf cart will be liable for the cost of any repairs resulting from misuse or damage to the cart.
  4. There are only TWO persons and TWO golf bags permitted on each golf cart, and riders are to always remain seated. There will be no standing on the back or hanging on the sides of the golf cart.
  5. Privately owned carts used on the golf course are required to pay a trail fee and shall be equipped with turf-style tires.
  6. ALL carts should remain on the cart paths and always adhere to the 90-degree rule.
  7. ALL carts must remain on cart paths for all Par 3’s and remain at 30 ft. of any green, tee, or bunker.
  8. Golf course management reserves the right to impose restrictions on ANY golf cart use from time to time as may be dictated by course conditions.
  1. Handicapped Flag Program 
  1. A player must present a State issued handicap placard or applicable license plate registration document in order to participle in the program.
  2. Authorized participants may drive their carts onto restricted fairways (including Par-3’s) with the exception of course conditions as identified by the Pro Shop.
  3. Participants must adhere to the 30 ft. distance requirements around greens, tees, and bunkers. Special authorization from management is required for any exceptions to this requirement.
  1. Refunds and Rain Checks
  1. Rain checks may be issued on a pro-rated basis when a player has paid their fee and the course has been deemed unplayable conditions for the remained of your round due to inclement weather. (Eg: If a player has completed 9 holes, a rain check will be issued for the remaining 9 holes).
  2. There will be no refunds or rain checks for inclement weather if the course remains open.
  3. There will be no refunds or rain checks issued for a player who has been removed for cause or whose privileges have been revoked.
  1. Miscellaneous 
  1. Any person that damages or destroys property of the golf course shall be required to pay for the costs of damage, repair, or replacement.
  2. Motorized vehicles other than authorized golf carts are NOT permitted on the golf course at any time unless authorized by golf course management.
  3. Only golfers are allowed on the golf course during regular business hours.
  4. Residents or visitors walking, jogging, walking dogs, kids riding bikes, skateboards, ball hunting, or any other type of transportation are strictly prohibited during normal business hours due to risk of injury or interference of play.
  5. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult or other person approved by the Pro Shop staff, while on the golf course premises.


It is our standard operating procedure to restrict ANY motorized golf cart traffic when weather, turf conditions or hours of operation warrant. This standard operating procedure ensures that we can continue to provide the best possible playing conditions by preventing damage to the course.

Golfers who are qualified individuals with disabilities must identify themselves to management with a valid handicap placard. Management will provide updates to the individuals account and the tee sheet that indicate the golfer has an authorized handicap in which will allow the golfer to access restricted areas around greens and bunkers as course conditions warrant. Golfers will use the handicap flags provided by the Pro Shop and will be permitted to drive to within 20 feet from the greens, except for Par 3’s which are always “Cart Path Only”.

Please understand that any golf cart traffic may adversely affect turf as well as playability. We appreciate your cooperation in using and exercising good judgment by abiding to the “90-Degree” rule at all times throughout the entire course, unless the “Cart Path Only” rule is in place, especially around Par 3’s.

Any use of golf carts off the cart path, whether it be a city owned or privately owned cart, is at your own risk and any problems or injuries resulting from such use are the golfer’s liability. For safety reasons, we strongly discourage the use of the golf carts on severe slopes or through tall grass areas. Natural, un-mowed areas may be designated as environmentally sensitive; please avoid these areas with the golf cart and try to stay on designated golf cart paths. Carts will not be allowed inside any roped off or marked areas anywhere on the course. Please adhere to all boundary markers and follow cart warning and directional signs throughout the course. City owned golf carts are equipped and programmed with GPS and geofencing capabilities, and warrant warning and hazard notifications all throughout the golf course where precaution is advised, as part of a safety measure.

Course management reserves the right to restrict all cart traffic in the rare instances when excessive heat, moisture stress, new turf, or other weather or maintenance-related conditions create extreme safety issues, or which would result in any cart traffic causing serious damage to the course. On such days the course will be designated as “Cart Path Only.” If at any time it is apparent these conditions exist, please call the golf course first for clarification. Any other day of operation, the Golf Course will adhere to the "90-Degree" rule year-round.

Any golfer utilizing their privately owned cart will need to be in regulation with approved cart size (no larger than a 4-seater golf cart) and tire/tread size (no offroad or knobby tires) that could cause damage to the turf. If you are in question as to what tires are acceptable or not, you will need to have the Superintendent inspect them for approval. UTV’s, or any other motorized vehicle are NOT permitted on the Golf Course property at any time. During business hours, only paying Golfers are permitted on the property. Residents walking on the course, kids riding bikes, skateboards or any other type of transportation will not be permitted during the Golf Course hours of operation. ALL golfers on the property MUST follow protocol by scheduling a tee time, and come into the Pro Shop to check in. Calling in for this process is not acceptable. Any golfers that violate this protocol will be at risk of suspension of golf privileges.

*Violation of this standard operating procedure may result in suspension of golf privileges to include revocation of membership without refund*

The golf course management has the authority to revoke an individual’s golf rights or membership at their discretion based on the mannerism of the offense. The individual in violation will be given 3 opportunities to comply, before having their golf privileges revoked and ultimately banned from the course. Rude, crude, or disrespectful mannerisms towards any staff will not be tolerated and will have immediate consequences. These violations will be set forth in the City Code of Ordinances.

If you have any questions, please contact either Amanda Harkins, Golf Course General Manager, or Sean Vance, Golf Course Superintendent at 512-267-1170.


  • Golfers: If Golfers are unruly in their behavior at any point in time, weather it by out on the course, in the pro shop, the restaurant, or towards the staff, it is at the managements discretion to ask the individual to leave without a refund. If the individual refuses to comply to the managements request, the police will be called
  • Cart Rentals: If at any given point in time, that staff recognizes that an individual might appear intoxicated or to possess mischievous behavior that might lead to an incident involving the misuse of city owned golf carts, staff has the right to refuse renting a cart to the individual. 
  • Golf Carts: Golfers are required to pair up in the carts during peak play times on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays in order to allow utilization and accommodation to all players. If you request your own cart, then you may purchase one for an additional $14 cart fee.
  • Food & Beverages: Food and Beverage purchases have to made through The Bunker Bar & Grille, which hours of Operation are
  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: 9am-9pm
  • Wednesday: 9am-9pm
  • Thursday: 9am-9pm
  • Friday: 9am-9pm
  • Saturday 9am-9pm
  • Sunday: 9am-9pm

-Effective 6 January 2021-

The Lago Vista Golf Course will resume pre-COVID 19 operating procedures by restricting any non-golf access to the course, effective Wednesday 6 January 2021.  This is due to the increase in the number of rounds played during the past 9 months and the increase in golf cart traffic.

The safety of our citizens remains a priority of the City Council and staff.  Therefore, hikers, bikers, and anyone else not using the golf course for golf related activities are prohibited from using the cart paths and golf course during regular business hours.  Any individuals looking to use the golf course cart paths for exercise and recreation may still do so, at their own risk, prior to or after normal operating hours.

For more information regarding this press release, please contact Golf Course Director Chris Godwin or Mayor Ed Tidwell. 

Lago Vista Golf Course
4616 Rimrock Drive
Lago Vista, TX 78645